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Sunday, 5 January 2014

I declare this house OPEN!!!

Next time you're in the Commons, how about stopping by the Castle Tours? Only there is a new house on the Block - An Imperial Palace. And it's my house. The one I have been blogging about - it is done :)

True to my word, every room has at least one crafted item, most of them have many... Thanks to the new Item Identifier you'll be able to see what I have crafted. Here are a few pictures of the rooms.
First up is the completed library - not much has changed in it since my earlier post, but I eventually found the right coloured rug to finish off the room.

Next up is the dining room and bar area. I have taken 2 pictures, one at each end as it is a very long room. This room only has one crafted item. The hardest part of this room was finding a dining table the right shade of wood. The amount of time I have spent at the Bazaar searching for just the right item to finish a room is well... let's just say I'd rather not think about that right now.

But I am pleased with the end result, and that's what counts.

You saw a preview of the bedroom when I first bought this house. I have changed this since then. The floor is better and I found a couple of lavender rugs that together were the finishing touch.
The sitting area is actually the entrance way and hall areas. I wanted to remove the dojo feel of this area, and the flooring and wallpaper were a dramatic change!

The 'Violin and Stand' was the most expensive piece in the entire house. It is crafted from a recipe in Grizzleheim, and is one of the few items that requires crafting at the Grizzleheim forge. Don't forget to check out Morgrim's post about the different crafting stations and what to look for! You can find the post here.

The 'Ship in a Bottle' was also crafted there, from another Grizzleheim recipe.

Lastly there is the kitchen. This was one room I was so looking forward to crafting, and I am so pleased with the result. Take a look! Again I have split the room across two pictures so you can see them properly.
This is the room with the most crafted items. I have also added one of my teleport tapestries to this room, so if you want to visit Avalon, come on over and take a trip through the tapestry. You'll find it over near the bistro table.

Outside I have tried to create a Spring like atmosphere, There is a picnic area, lots of trees and flowers.

I still hang out there, so if you catch me at home be sure to say Hi! I'd love to know what you think of my house too, so leave me a comment!

Time to plan my next project and to keep looking for those Snow Globes..... the last one is proving tricky to get!

Until next time!


  1. Wow! The house looks AMAZING Tabitha! I'm definitely going to be taking a trip to the Castle Tours to try to find this! Great job. I know how it feels to be finally complete with something.

    - Blaze

  2. Thanks Blaze! Hope you find it so you can see it in 3D :)