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Friday, 15 November 2013

Things Have Been Happening...

Sorry for not posting in a while guys! I have been really busy storming up levels, crafting, farming Aquila and getting new spells, that I haven't posted! Well some achievements...

I have levelled up a total of 3 times since last post (I think) and am now level 88! I reached the milestone and headed straight off to Dworgn to try and get my new spell. Let's face it, Death is an amazingly good solo school with awesome crafted spells and drains to survive long dungeons/fights and I have been soloing most of Azteca. This meant that when all I had to do was bash a boss and head to Avalon, I wasn't disappointed!

Click Pictures to Enlarge

Secondly something that I, personally, have ALWAYS wanted to be able to boast about...

Lord Of Night? Crafted! Now I have both the Death craftable/dropped spells! Lord Of Night has actually helped me defeat a level 90 Fire in PvP recently as well so that's always good!

Also a BIG pet training gift from Heaven has come my way! So King Jackson gained EXACTLY what I wanted him to get. He now has Proof, Unicorn, Sprite and Fairy. Not the perfect pet but it's getting there.

A few more hatches with Morgrim and I finally got a Penumbra Drake and not a Coldfire. I honestly believe I am one of the luckiest pet trainers there is. And here is an image of the pet as she is today...

How good is that??? 10% Proof and an exact copy of Jackson with a better card!

On a side note, Khrysalis Part 1 is coming to the Live Realm! Tonight!!! As well as the new Castle Tours building in the Commons, Khrysalis will be open to those who have finished Azteca. As well as the new minion/helper people that follow you around and boost your stats, this will be a great update! Apparently Khysalis Part 2 is coming out early next year.

Well that's all I really think I'm going to do for this post. Soon there will be a little Mt. Olympus Guide and maybe an Atlantea one too. There are also a few Tips & Tricks coming soon so be ready for them. Also, if you really like my Tips & Tricks or prefer my normal posts please, don't be shy, and tell me in the comments your opinion. It's great to know if my Tips & Tricks are actually helping people out!

Until Next Time!

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