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Friday, 8 November 2013

The New Stuff...Avoiding Street Fights

Hey Tabitha, that link was a good reminder to keep up to date.  There was one thing here that made me curious though, and if anyone can help me understand what this means I would appreciate it!

This is what the Wizard101 site says:

Some pets were replacing their spells as they leveled up, instead of adding spells. The following pets will now receive multiple spells as they level up:

  • Babydactyl (from the Prehistoric Bundle Card)
  • Stegosaurus (from the Dino Bundle Card)
  • Velociraptor (from the Skyvern's Hoard Pack)
  • Therizinosaurus (from the Crown Shop)
  • Leaf Foot (from the Shaman’s Lore Pack)
  • Frilled Lizard (from the Crown Shop)
  • Penumbra Drake (from the Nightmare Pack)
  • Harpy (from a boss in Aquila)

Now I am a bit of a fan of the Penumbra, but I don't know what this means?  What does Replacing versus Adding spells mean?  Is this the number of cards they give you?  If you know, please let me a comment!

But, back to the main point of this post.

As you go through the wizarding ranks, questing hard to keep leveling up, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay healthy every time you want to start a fight.  The wisps are fewer and the bad guys are harder to dodge.  In fact, street fights can be downright painful!

Early in Wizard101 you are given the tip "Stay on the footpaths!"  I can remember following this hint religiously!!  As a low level Firey, my health wasn't great and my fizz rate was way too high for my liking.  That tip served me well, and continues to as I have moved through the long as you adjust it a little as you go!  If you follow the rule blindly once you leave Wizard City, or anywhere that doesn't have a footpath, you will find a bad guy right in your face and it's on!!

Then I hit Kensington Park.  If you haven't done this yet, this post will hopefully help you, if you have, you'll know what I mean.

This is the first really, really difficult dungeon.  The street fights are 3 on 1 and almost all enemies have at least 2,000 health.

Alia and I took it on and if it wasn't for an old friend, Brandon Boomcloud, we would have been slaughtered.

My meteor didn't hit hard enough and Alia's healing was using too many pips for the reward.  If I recall correctly, we were not quite level 40 at that stage.  Brandon's Scarecrow saved us time and time again.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

Kensington Park is split into 3 main sections:

  1. Recover parts to fix a bot
  2. Kill Stoker
  3. Kill Stoker again
The streetfights were ridiculous...

However, this is where the golden rule doesn't apply!

In Part One, you open the first door and you are on your way, but here, the bad guys actually run along the outside.  For the first three mini-boss fights, the idea is to run up the middle of the road.  It feels a little scary at first, but it works.

Once you have beaten these guys, the rules change.  Now the bad guys actually run diagonally across the road.  You need to time your run to the center edge of each section.  Don't try hiding in the corners, the bad guys will find you!

This dungeon used to be lots harder.  After Stoker there used to be 3 more fights before you fight him again, but (unfortunately in my opinion) they have removed those middle fights and you simply go from one Stoker fight to the next.  In fact, they didn't even update the dialog and it doesn't quite work now.

Still.  Now I solo this place about once every week or so.  I am desperate to get the Antique Cello!!

If anyone has one and doesn't want it, or need it...PLEASE get in touch with me.  I would be MORE than happy to credit you in the blog...and maybe more...

Well, I hope this tip has saved you some heartache.

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. What does Replacing versus Adding spells mean? Is this the number of cards they give you? If you know, please let me a comment!

    Yes it is. At the moment, as your pet ages from baby, to teen, to adult, etc. the card gets replaced by another one. When it changes, you will keep each card. So no replacements, just additions.


    Oh and congrats on getting the Cello!

  2. Wow...I need to check my Penumbras! Thanks gheez!

    Thanks...that Cello was really starting to haunt was a real relief.