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Monday, 4 November 2013

Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

Hey Everyone!

I still haven't decided what to craft outside of the crafting quests. I have researched a bit, and am keen to buy a recipe from the vendor in Aquila - unfortunately I haven't defeated Zeus yet. I know! Whenever I try I seem to have some sort of technical difficulty - WiFi goes, laptop auto re-boots. So yes, it is a bit frustrating - and I am holding off crafting because I think the gear from Aquila will be quite good.

Anyway, being in Dragonspyre, I had some crafting questing to do. I have been trying to find diamonds to complete the first one. My King Parsley have given me a couple. My Frozen Fly Trap has given me one, and I have got a few from Ore. I managed to get to 14. I need 15 for 1, and of course I have to craft 2...... I have been patient for a while - but no more!

So I was at the Bazaar yesterday. Whenever I am there I always check to see if there are any. There never are - not first time round, and I have just continued on my way after that. But yesterday I decided I would use the refresh trick to see if I could at least get a few to speed up the wait. So I guess I spent 10 minutes moving between snacks and reagents. Sometimes there were 3, sometimes 1, but mostly there were none. Sometimes I didn't click buy quick enough. I learnt that you should just click 'Buy' and not 'Buy More' if there are a few. The extra clicks required meant I missed out a couple of times. Just hit buy twice and you often reap the rewards. Patience paid off, and to be honest it did not take that long.... I had bought another 16 diamonds - 16,000 gold gone...... So off I went to craft the rings and back to Dragonspyre.

Time for craft quest 2. This one is a school related crafting quest. Being Death, mine is Needle and Bone. The biggest problem I had with this one, was the fact that the recipe is in Moo Shoo. I used the wizard101central wiki pages to find it's location when it didn't exist in Dragonspyre. I had to find my way over to the Ancient Burial Grounds for this one, and it took a bit of re-tracing my steps to get the correct tunnel to find the vendor. The great news, however, was once the recipe was purchased, I found I had all the reagents already. I just needed some Banshee Treasure Cards.

This was a simple one! Back to the Bazaar to buy a few cards and off home to craft. Too easy! Constantly stopping to pick up reagents, and my gardening have paid off this time.

This was the quickest crafting quest I have done so far. So off to Dragonspyre once more to reap my reward.

On to the next crafting quest. A quick search and once again I have to take a trip to Moo Shoo to purchase the recipe, however this one is right at the start, so nice and easy to get to. And I'll pop over there soon to see what I need for the next one. With any luck I will have most of the items required already.

And one day I will conquer Zeus and see if the vendor has something I can choose to craft. Looking forward to that!

Until Next Time!


  1. Congratulations! When you reach Wintertusk, have a look at the recipes there too :)

  2. Thanks for the tip. Look forward to it :)

  3. gheez is right Tabitha, Wintertusk is a real find, especially for Wizards who are level 56+ ...especially Vestrilund. I still use some of that gear.

    Keep those crafting skills going, you'll need them!