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Thursday, 7 November 2013

New and Improved! Not just Khrysalis!

Hey everyone,

The big news around the Sprial is the opening of the new test realm - Khrysalis. There are many posts around the web, and over here at Wizard's Keep we are very excited.

Checking the blog over at Wizard101, there are a few other updates that will be coming our way, and I thought I'd break them down here:

  • Wizards can now reach level 95
  • The maximum amount of gold has increased for higher level Wizards
  • Mana is on the increase again (this hasn't happened since Dragonspyre!)
  • There is a new Gardening level
  • Castle Tours will be available from the Commons. Think yours is totally awesome? Put yours up to be rated and see if other Wizards agree!
  • The Item Identifier will make an appearance when you are at a friends house
  • The new Quest Finder, will help you to easily find the nearest quest to your current location.

 Click here to find out more details about these awesome additions, on the Wizard101 Updates page.

Until Next Time!

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