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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Couch Potatoes at Elder - Mega Harvest!

Thanks to the tips from Blaze, I now have 8 couch potatoes. I spent a fair bit of time over in Grizzleheim farming for Couch Potatoes. Packing a small deck this time.... these warriors are only 310. Generally two spells is all I need to fight, so it is a quick process. This is my deck:

I  generally start the battle with 2 power pips, use Empower to gain 3, then scarecrow to finish it.

Took my number up from 3 to 8. So today went I went over to do my gardening I was happy to see them all at elder! I have my likes up to 4 for these, and they got to elder in about 5 days. Not too long to wait. I need to look at increasing the likes, but I am happy with that for now.

Decided I would record the harvest for our You Tube channel. You can get to via the link on the right. I am trialing a different video recorder, so please ignore the banner! It works very well though! Anyway, here is the video.


Hope you enjoy. I am happy to see 8 mega snacks... am planting those 8 seeds again straight away so I can do some decent pet training. Watch this space!!

 Till next time!

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