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Sunday, 5 October 2014

How Many Pips was That?

It was just another day in the spiral. I was farming up some gold from Halfang and saw a fellow death. I went in, bladed and waited for his move. He started the fight with a... Deer Knight?

Wait a minute, Deer Knight costs 5 pips and you only start with up to 4. I quickly clicked on him to find out what he was wearing and I found it. As well as his extra power pip from his wand, his Deck had an extra pip to start off with!

I imagine that lot's of others would be working on getting this as it's very powerful, but this is the first time I've actually seen one on someone!

As soon as I saw it, I thought of PvP. If you were going second in a match, you would be able to cast a SEVEN pip spell in round ONE! Imagine being in a 4v4 against all storm wizards. You're going first and after your turn, you get hit by FOUR STORM LORDS! It's Insane! I'm not sure if this will affect PvP as I'm not the greatest at it, but I just can't imagine going against a team of storm who do that.

Well, that was my first thought on the deck. It's obviously going to be very helpful in PvE. especially with something like Deer Knight which can be cast first turn now. :)

I hope you're as amazed as I am at the power this deck could have and good luck if your planning on farming for it.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes those decks are very cool, am hoping to get one :)