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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mastering Mega.....

You know Winston has been my choice of pet recently.... above Patch. And the reason is Pain Giver. Patch had Vengeance, Winston has Pain Giver..... but more importantly Patch is Mega and Winston is not. It's a funny thing - Winston has been my garbage collector. He has eaten all the stuff that flows out of my backpack and my bank - most notably all the Key Limes I had over in the challenge with Morgrim.

I never really trained him.... it was clear that had to change. Now Winston was already Epic, so it is time to start the journey to MEGA!!!
My game of choice is the Dance game, and as you can see it costs 10 energy everytime I play at this level. I had already completed my gardening, and had no desire to fish right now, so all energy reserves would be used for the game. Thanks to my Greenwarden's gear I have a starting position of 130, and I used 33 for gardening earlier. It wouldn't be enough to go to Mega, but let's see how I track!

You only need to get 3 our of 5 correct to win each round, but I still like to get it perfect :)

Each time I feed Winston Fancy Yoghurt. My gardening of EMPs takes care of my snacks, and as you can see I do have a few in my backpack. I choose the Yoghurt as they give Winston 50 XP each round. The other snacks are slightly lower.
Pretty soon I get my energy warning - not enough energy to play the game..... But I am not concerned! Grub Guardian takes care of both my Energy Elixirs and Moolinda Green Thumb Packs. So I redeem one of my Elixirs and get straight back into Dancing!

I play the dance game with the music on. I find that if I forget one of the latter steps remembering the music will often unblock the memory and help me get it right.

Now Winston started at a little over 200, and Mega needs 2000. Even at an average of 80% correct, that means each dance is worth 53. So I need something like 33 games to finish this. Yes, it can get boring - let's just hope the outcome is worth the time investment!

At this stage I need 2 more points until Winston is Mega. I know that I will not need any more Mega Snacks to complete this - one more game is required :)

What am I hoping for? I really don't know. I do know that I don't want to see any Pet Abilities...... so.... it is nice to see another May Cast spell. Winston now has Incredibly Infallible. This trait was my first ever May Cast spell back when my little Green Frog, Murphy, was at my side. It's definitely not a bad outcome.

Looking at his over stats - it's pretty good, but I need to hatch with some different pets. I'd like to trade Spritely for something else, and just have Fairy Friend for healing. But for now, with almost perfect stats and a good mix of spells behind him, I'm happy to have Winston at my side for a while longer!

 If any of you have suggestions for a hatching partner then please let me know, or ideas as to what in the mix would improve my hound.

Have fun, until next time!

1 comment:

  1. Winston is very nice :)

    A possible future hatch could be to get one of those fossil pets.... animated? D'uh my mind has deserted me this evening. I've been finding the feint and the blade very useful with my death wizard (who is not quite so little anymore :)

    I like the healing current spell but as you are looking to only have one heal and you like fairy... you could possibly add some spell proof for a little more shielding or maybe just look to hit a little harder with one of the extra death thumpy talents?

    Congrats again though, Winston is a nice pet.