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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Red Tower of Avalon

Hey Everyone,

Have started some of the quests in Avalon now, but I am really not sure about the place yet. I love the Monty Python references, brings to mind the Holy Grail - and those thoughts always come with a smile :)

My first dungeon came rather soon - at least I thought it was, but I guess on reflection it is more the dungeon references in the quest than being a real dungeon. I am referring to the Red Tower. A quest that is worth some serious XP. In fact, it it worth so much XP I really thought there would be a lot more to it, and I wondered whether it was foolish to try solo!

Being a Death Wizard obviously makes it easier to solo as we hit and heal with one spell. So I wander in to see what the first battle looked like. Actually there are only 2 battles in this quest - both are identical in the fact that there is one boss and one minion to defeat. The bosses are a little over 10K health, and the minions a little over 3K health. This didn't seem too bad, so I checked what deck I had loaded and ran into the battle.

There was nothing tricky, no cheats were in play. One thing that was great to see is that my hits are making more of a mark now. Take the next shot for instance.

Despite Critical being blocked, I still had a very handy 7,074 damage, and half health back to me - thank you very much. It's nowhere near the one-in-a-million hit, or even Morgrim's 65K hit the other day. But it is a decent hit on a 10K boss :)

It was a nice reward for 2 boss fights. But the most important thing to remember is the Tapestry. You should notice it in one of the caves in the dungeon at the end of the second battle. Pop over and pick it up and you're done :)

I still haven't got the quest for the spell I want, but I do have enough Gold - so I hope that day will come soon. I also hope that I am close to being able to use a training point for Colossal :)

I also need to get on with the Boxes quest, though I am gutted that I am not a high enough level for the final box. Just Zafaria to go. I hope you guys have been enjoying them - I certainly have!

Have fun, until next time!

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