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Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Bone Dragon

You know it seems an absolute age ago when a fellow Wizard started asking if I had the Bone Dragon yet? What - the card? But now I know... it was the pet he was referring to. And the answer was No - I didn't. And what's more, I didn't care to look into it any further than that. After as while my Wiz friend stopped asking, so I assume another Death Wiz had come to the rescue.

On my journey, I was excited to be almost at level 78.... all the '8' levels produce a new spell, and I was eager to find out what mine would be. So I quested until Dworgyn popped up on the right side and asked if I could go see him.... (like the answer would be no!)

Off I go, so excited - that is until Dworgyn speaks. Sigh - no spell, just a pet. I was not excited, I knew it would be the Bone Dragon coz Dworgyn had already mentioned it... no spell.

But it's not like it's something you want to turn down either...... so I had to go back to DragonSpyre and Marleybone.  

Now it is fun to go back an revisit some of the battles.  Especially when you realise how easy they are - against how hard they were!! Dragonspyre was done in a flash, but you had to work a little harder in Marleybone. One thing I did notice in MB was that I didn't suffer the issue of 'getting caught'. I remember it being a great frustration when I was first over there!
Getting to the Warehouse meant you had to re-visit the dungeon and do enough to reach it. A few puzzles and a couple of small battles is enough, you don't have to finish the dungeon. And then there is an additional surprise waiting for you when you get to where you need for the pet quest.....

 As you can see they have thrown a Life Boss in the mix - this was definitely not the case first time I did this dungeon!! Being Life it was an easy battle for my Death pack, so before I knew it I was back off to the death School and the man himself - Dworgyn!

Time to pick up my new pet and see what the fuss is all about! The stats themselves aren't bad and will be useful for hatching if any of the revealed talents are worth having. That card, however, is very good. It is a fair bit higher than the card I get in my pack and it occurs at baby. Will be interesting to see how training goes.... watch this space!

Have fun, until next time,


  1. Good luck with the training, Tabitha.

    I also noticed that they don't seem quite so 'grabby' on the rooftops as when I went through. Not sure if it is KingsIsle who has changed something or that I'm getting better at steering... it is probably the former!

    Oh and I finally tried out the Dance Game. Oh but you and Morgrim were so right, it is so much quicker than the Canon game I was playing. Should have listened to you both sooner!

    Have a wonderful weekend and may nothing too scary visit your door this Halloween.

  2. Hey Scarlet, I think there was an update a little while ago that toned down the 'grabbiness' on the rooftops, and (unfortunately) the dreaded Kensington Park was seriously weakened.

    There are little tricks to most places in the Spiral and Marleybone had lots of them, especially on the sidewalks. They were no longer 'safe' places, and it was a real shift in the game. I personally liked it, but I know a lot of people didn't.

    BTW - I'm glad you decided to try the Dance Game. You should go back to that makes the Dance Game even easier!

    (oh, and I survived Halloween, not sure about Tabitha though! - I hope yours is deliciously scary!!)


  3. Hi Scarlet.

    I have a heap of training to do with pets. With the packs I was encouraged to buy due to Morgrim's pack analysis of the new Harrowing Pack I have a few new pets to deal with. And I am glad you tried the Dance Game too. It really makes a difference time wise.

    My Halloween weekend is the best kind..... it has plenty of spookiness in it!! Hope yours is too :)