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Monday, 9 December 2013

Simple Crafting Secret - Do you know it?

You know, I have been crafting a long time and I reckon I have crafted everything I want to in the Spiral.  Crafting in Wizard101 is fun, challenging and full of little hints and tips for everyone.

Sometimes, there are times when you just ask yourself "why can't I craft my ..." whatever it happens to be.  You go to your crafting table and the item simply doesn't appear as an option to craft.  This can be quite frustrating...until you know this little tip.

The only time the item will not appear is when you are at the wrong table!  OK, I guess you probably knew that, so what is the trick?  Let's see...there are 6 places in the Spiral (as of now, who knows what KingsIsle have planned!) and these are:

Crafting in Wizard101
  • Basic Crafting Table
  • Equipment Crafting Table
  • Housing Crafting Table
  • Card Crafting Table

These are the ones you can buy (for example, in Marleybone), and so you can therefore control them.  Many people have an area set aside for their crafting work.  This is my Crafting Room in my Storm house.

Then there are two others that you come across in your travels:

  • The Crafting Anvil in the Hall of the Ice Forge in Grizzleheim
  • The Crafting Anvil in Lower Great Spyre in Dragonspyre
These are spectacular looking Anvils.  The Grizzleheim one is impressive either up close or from a distance:

Crafting GZ in Wizard101

It positively reeks of power.  Some of the coolest housing items are crafted using this unique Anvil.

The Grizzleheim Anvil up close

Whereas the Dragonspyre Anvil is mysterious and foreboding, striking magical hammer to Anvil in a mysterious, never-ending series of blows.

The Dragonspyre Anvil in Wizard101

This Anvil can only be accessed after a ride on the Drake's back at Dragon Claw Ridge, in the entrance hall prior to entering the Great Spyre.  Fortunately, only the Dragonspyre level 44+ gear can be crafted here.

So, the trick is, knowing what can be crafted where.  I know I found this a little frustrating initially, until I learned this trick.

When you look at the recipe, look here:

Crafting Tips in Wizard101

The recipe actually tells you where to craft!!  Each of these symbols will show you what you can craft where.  The symbols for the Crafting Stations are the same as on the Stations themselves.  The symbols for the Anvil represent the World they are from as opposed to the type of Anvil.

Knowing this makes this part of crafting just that little bit easier!

Crafting Stations in Wizard101

Crafting Anvils in Wizard101

Have fun with your crafting and...

...see you 'round the Spiral!


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