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Friday, 20 December 2013

Gardening Limits - What? There are Limits??

Sorry I haven't posted for a little while, I've been hard at it, writing a "Definitive" guide to Gardening.  All those questions you wanted answers for, but could never find!  I hope the Wizard101 Community finds it useful.  It has been a lot of fun writing it, and it is nearly ready for release.

This post is about Plot limits.  Obviously there are Energy limits (without Elixir use of course!), there are Housing Slot limits, etc, but we are just looking at pure Plot driven limits today.

Personally, one thing I have never really known is...what are the limits for a garden?  (Just talking a simple flat garden here, not a Mega Garden or Stacked Garden).

Interestingly, there are two kinds of limits:
  1. How many plots can fit inside the ring of a Large Area Spell?
  2. How many plants can a Large Area Spell affect anyway?
Well...that was it.  I was on a quest to find out!  This is clearly necessary information for any book that calls itself "definitive".

Evil Magma Peas - Wizard101Before I go any further, the rules I set myself were
  • No "All Indoor" or "All Outdoor" spells allowed
  • As indicated above, only flat gardens are permitted for this test
OK - so it was on to Question 1 - the easiest one to track down an answer for.

Maximum Medium Plots

People love the Evil Magma Pea (EMP) for very good reasons (easy to grow, great harvest rewards), and it needs a Medium sized plot.  It seemed like a good place to start.  There is quite a bit of discussion online for this one and if the chatter can be believed, 37 is generally considered a safe maximum for a flat level, Medium plot garden.  This has been reinforced many times, with only the ever-amazing Paige Moonshade able to beat it at 40.  Seeing as Paige has an incredible amount of experience, 40 would be the maximum target to aim for, but I have to admit, I couldn't do it I'll stick to 37.

Maximum Small Plots

For the Small Plot, there is little to no good data online.  Looking at the problem in the same way as for the Medium Plot, it would seem that the maximum number is about 76.  Have a look at the image below to see the configuration that is possible.  They are a challenge to cover cleanly in a single spell, but it is possible to enclose all 76 Small Plots within the bounds of the Large Area spell.

Gardening in Wizard101

Interestingly, this is the 'theoretical' maximum number of plots.  I say this as the answer to Question 2 posed above changes this equation substantially!

Maximum Large Plots

I was a little surprised to find that there was again only scant information available about the Large Plot.  I suspect that people think that there are simply too few in a garden to make it worthwhile. I can assure you that this is not the case.

For the Large Plot, 14 is a reliable number and again, because of the answer to Question 2, it is enough (well, it is if you a REALLY good!).

I'll leave the answer to Question 2 for my next post.

If you think you know the answer to Question 2, why not post in the comments to see if you are right?

Have fun with your gardening and...

...see you round the Spiral!



  1. For more plants than you can get in a flat garden you need to use a glitch method called stacking. KI does not support this and it is at your own risk but as forum moderator Lydia Greyrose posted for the question of whether it is bannable "there is a limit to the number of plants that can be affected by one spell so stack away young wizards". That being said the maximums are as follows to the best of my research :)
    - four levels ( I've heard of more but not seen it done prove me wrong on you tube please)
    - 128 small plots
    - 69 medium plots
    - 48 large plots
    As a further note your plant likes don't need to be tended as a dead plant still counts at this time. Also as an addition or substitute for emp you can grow prickly bear cactus which will drop a fair number of sun fruit and crab apples and can be bought with gold. Also attracts pixies and seeds a lot tended every 32 -34 hours (I use dragonflies and they wilt after 18 hours with unattended needs). I currently have a mixed garden of 12 couch potatoes surrounded by 48 emp next to a 69 plot garden of pbc. Being side by side like that the pixies attracted by the pbc affect the other plants too.

    P.S. as far as the affects all spells... maximum number of plots and plants = 300 with elixer minus the likes |=}
    Rowan Dark
    Promethean Necromancer
    Verdant Gardener

  2. Hi Rowan,

    You are largely right in what you say. There is a slight difference however - there is a limit on the "Large Area" spells (not to be confused with the "All Inside/Outside" spells. The limit for those spells is 69 plots, so even your Small Plots are limited to this.

    If you are using an All Area spell, then the limit is the 1/2 the number of available housing slots (1 for the Plot, 1 for the Seed).

    There is also a little trick you might be interested in - you can get to 69 Large Plots too. Stacking, while not 'officially' supported, is not bannable, but if something goes wrong, it is outside of Kings Isle scope to fix it.

    The limit is actually height, not total number of levels. The trick is, how to do it. I'll give you a hint, it has to do with squeezing the 69 large plots into a garden stacked no greater than 4 levels *in height*. Have a look at the Low Square Table for a hint.

    There might be a couple of other posts you might be interested in:

    Here is the post on our free eBooks on Gardening:

    Or the post confirming (with video) the limit of a Large Area spell:

    It is interesting as you don't even need to stack Small Plots to hit the limit for this kind of spell.

    If you want to know more about getting 69 Large Plots, let me know :)

    Oh, and thanks for the tip on the PBC - a lot of people seem to like them - now I know why!

    See you 'round the Spiral!