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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Doing the Happy Dance Right Now!!!

As you know, I hatched my Toaddle pet with a Coldfire dragon some time ago. I recently wrote about revealing abilities here. The last couple of days I have been training Baby Chester (who has been renamed to Murphy now) to Epic. The hatch has already proved itself worthwhile, so I was curious to see what other talents he would receive. So far he has 2 talents from each, plus the original Cleanse Charm card at Baby.

Last night was the big night, and boy I am one happy Wizard right now!! I just had enough Mega Pet Snacks to see me through, though a couple were level 8 snacks. Still they each gave 30 XP, and 10 Intellect - which is the only Stat not at full now, so that was a bonus!

Anyway - drumroll....... he picked up one of the original Toaddle's traits - as you can see.... Incredibly Infallible!!

This is absolutely awesome. Take a look at these Pet Stats!!

This pet is super awesome, and I will be continuing with the training to see what else he is hiding!

But for now I have to get some more Mega Snacks, so back to Gardening for a while. I may have to go over to Savarstaad Pass to farm some of the Troubled Warriors to get some more. If you want to know more about that then be sure to read Blaze's Tips and Tricks about Mega Snacks here.

Until next time,


  1. Thank you for the farming tip for the couch potatoes, I got two. My pet will be ancient in a few days! I farm by casting enchanted leprechauns at them, how do you farm? Thanks, this is an awesome site.

  2. That's awesome Kevin! I usually farm them using Empower and then Scarecrow. Make sure you get those likes up as high as possible to speed up their growing. Glad you are finding the site useful :)

  3. Hi Kevin! Glad to know my tips are helping people out! I have a total of 14 Couch Potatoes now but I'm still trying to get more. I was lucky enough to get Deer Knight from the Knight's Lore Pack so my strategy is Pass then Deer Knight!

    - Blaze