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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Backpack Issues?

Hey Tabitha, thanks for keeping the lights on here at the Keep!  With Christmas being what it is, many of the other Wizards around the Keep have been travelling.

Me, I have been playing with pets lately, and I have been helping out with a few hatches here and there.  After that I had a couple of runs in the Pagoda (thanks Alia and Tabitha for your help) seeing if I could get a Red Shenlong to add to my collection.

All of a sudden, my backpack was very full and I couldn't figure out why!

The obvious thing was a trip to the Bazaar, but I just didn't have that much surplus stuff?  What could it be?

Then, going through trying to feed my pet with unsalable objects, I realised the extent of my the problem I had created for myself, my 'pet problem' - 6 pages of pets!  At 8 pets per page, that was a staggering 48 pets I was carrying around with me!  Seriously?!?

Breeders and Pagoda warriors beware - these little blighters can fill up your backpack quicker than you can believe!  You don't see them in the Bazaar to sell, and can easily miss how quickly they are amassing!  If you are in the middle of a hatching program - purge those pets that you don't need or you will find that you'll be getting a lot of visits from the Stork telling you about yet another item that you didn't get!

Hope you are enjoying your Holidays and,

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. For me it was seeds. I didn't realise for a long time that seeds count in your backpack. Beware when gardening King Parsley - the everlasting gift that fills your backpack!

  2. Yes, that is very true Tabitha! I have fallen victim to that one too. I have a nice tip on avoiding this little issue though - perhaps the topic of another post?