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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's Monstrous!!

I have already proclaimed my addiction to crafting, and promised I would write about some more of my crafting activities..... This particular one is now a daily event. You know you have those list of things that you need to attend to? Gardening may be one. Pet Training may be another. Well mine is Gardening, followed by crafting Monstrous Treasure Cards, followed by selling pet snacks under 8 at the Bazaar.

So why the Monstrous Cards and why do I need so many of them?  Well first up.... I recommend you buy the recipe. You need to be Master Artisan to actually craft the card. So get those quests out of the way and then find someone to take you over to Celestia Base Camp. Look out for Avery Templeton. He sells the cards - Transmute, Monstrous, Giant. Monstrous Treasure card recipe cost me 250 gold. I wholesale bought the reagents I didn't have from the Bazaar. Trust me, they were not expensive! I have been crafting them for a couple of weeks now, and it has not cost anything more.

Once crafted, I have to remember to pop them into my deck. I make sure my main deck and my small deck have an abundant supply of these cards. More than any other card! Why? Well you can create your own Treasure Card using this little trick. And it really feels like you get an extra turn in the battle (you know like those cheating bosses do sometimes!!).

Being a death wizard, I love Scarecrow. But I love Scarecrow even more now. With a click on Monstrous, a click on Scarecrow - I now have an all hitter card worth 575 instead of 400. Add a couple of blades, and hope for a critical and this becomes a very handy little spell!!

You can add Monstrous to any damage card. Oh and don't panic when you fizzle.... the card literally becomes a Treasure Card. It will be there for another time and another battle.

Looking forward to the next level of these cards - my level is too low right now. But if you are level 58 or above then a very handy additional 250 hit is a real bonus. This one costs 500 gold..... but the rewards of crafting these as you wish make that a 500 gold worth spending. I, for one, will be straight back to Celestia to buy it as soon as I get to level 58!!

Until Next Time,

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