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Monday, 30 December 2013

Ooooh.... not seen that before.....

Decided it was time to buy another house. I have been looking at what is available the last few days, but nothing has really grabbed me. I have the Red Barn Farm, The Wooded Cottage and the Winter Wind Castle. I was keen to have something without snow. I know right? I am trying to get 20 snow globes as a personal quest.... but I am over the snow. I want Spring this time.

Having checked out the Crown shop houses, I decided to look and see what was available elsewhere. I didn't want Marlebone Manor, or the Krok House. I wanted greenery outside and rooms that could be used as proper rooms. And I really want to craft a kitchen! So.... I made my choice last night. Drum roll........

Here it is - the Imperial Palace. Not that I particularly wanted a Moo Shoo feel, but I figured once I changed the walls and floors I could make it into something I wanted. Most importantly there are proper rectangular rooms that I can use.

While I was over at the Moo Shoo shops I checked out the crafting recipes for housing items, something I tend to do more now-a-days. And I noticed a bed that I have not seen in any other house that I had visited. So I bought it.

As you can see it is a Canopy Bed. As luck would have it I already had all reagents I needed, thanks to my everlasting supply from gardening mostly.

I crafted it this morning, and placed in the first of the bed-rooms. Now I need to get a better floor in here, but this is the bed in the room.

It looks good!

I have more ideas on what to do with this house, and much more crafting to do. But I am pleased with the start of this room.

I've got a long way to go, but I am looking forward to the end result. Will let you know how I go as I complete each room.

Until next time,

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