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Thursday, 19 December 2013

On the 13th Day of Christmas?

KI has made a 13th day of Christmas this year! Along with all the awesome give-aways and new items in the Crowns Shop, KI has given us a Code for CROWNS!!!

Ranging anywhere from 250 to 60 000 Crowns you must type the code crownsplz
Also, if you open up the Wizard101 launcher today then you will be able to go to from there.

 This is a great thing for KI to do for it's players and I really hope some Free to Play players get a couple of thousand Crowns for areas!

I ended up getting 500 Crowns myself and I think I'm going to try and save them.

Feel free to tell us how many Crowns KI left for you this year in the comments!

Enjoy your Crowns everybody!!

Until next time!



  1. Replies
    1. Hey Kevin - 250 is better than nothing :)

  2. Hey Blaze! I was lucky enough to get 750 crowns today. Agree with you that it is awesome KI are doing this for players. Would also love to hear of any Wizards out there who hit the jackpot!!!

  3. Tabitha, you always do well with these things :) I got 500...