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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hatching Misery?

A while back a level 90 Storm Wizard wanted to hatch with me. He thought my pet was awesome!! I was pretty surprised at the time, but I checked out his pet to see what was on offer - a ColdFire Dragon with may cast Spritely, Unicorn and Fairy!! My pet had May Cast Infallible, and a couple of other Storm attributes.

I didn't notice any of the other attributes for the ColdFire, but I really wanted some May Cast Healing spells. So off we went to hatch! This is the Toaddle pet I hatched with the Dragon. Strange thing was, when we went into the hatchery he changed his pet. It had nothing I wanted, so out I came. He then tried a different pet. Again it was not what I wanted. I told him I said yes to the ColdFire Dragon as I wanted May Cast Healing. So third time lucky... I can only assume that he didn't want to spend the extra gold to hatch with that pet as it was rather more expensive than all the others!!

After hatching the level 90 Storm Wizard was over the moon. He had gained a Toaddle pet straight away. I was disappointed. I had another Toaddle. So I left the pet in my backpack, and completely forgot about it.

Over the last couple of days my backpack needed clearing down, so I off-loaded some of pets. That's when I came across this baby Toaddle.

I remember the May Cast abilities and think that I may as well train it to ancient and see what I get. Thanks to my Couch Potato harvest I had a fair number of level 9 pet snacks, and changes to my garden also meant I have left over energy most days too.

Disappointingly, the first reveal was Storm-Proof. While this is useful (particularly as I have no Storm resistance at present, and they hit so hard!), it wasn't what I wanted. The next reveal was May Cast Unicorn - I was really happy. Looks like my little Toaddle has picked at least one of the May Casts from the ColdFire Dragon.

As you can see for yourselves, the next reveal was Fairy Friend, otherwise known as May Cast Fairy!! Woo Hoo. I am over the moon. This was better than I could have imagined!

Need to wait for a few more Couch Potatoes to get to elder to carry on through, but it is safe to say that I will be training this pet further to see what other reveals there are!!

How about you guys? Ever get disappointed with a hatch only to find that it was very handy indeed? Would love to hear your stories!

Until Next Time,

1 comment:

  1. I think I know why that Storm wanted to hatch with you and even I wouldn't mind a hatch with the original one! With ever increasing Critical and Pierce from gear and spells (Shadow Shrike), everyone has just gone Critical crazy!

    Infallible is a great spell and from a pet, lasts five rounds giving 15% Pierce and 15% accuracy!