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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Oh Man...... I'm Addicted!!!

 Now, if you remember, I have been talking about crafting for a while. Debating what to craft, and spending (probably too much) time visiting any vendor I see to work out what to craft. After defeating Zeus I realised that the gear there is useless to me.

And then, an impromptu visit to Celestia and my choice was made. The Star Chalice.  I knew that it would help gardening, and I knew that it was only available as a crafted item.

As you can see, the first problem was that I was short of a couple of reagents. The fish fins cost a bit of gold to sort out, but everything else was fairly easy. I decided that the Monstrous Card would be a useful card to have on hand, so instead of just buying the treasure card I decided to buy the recipe. For 250 gold, it wasn't a hard choice, especially good because I had all the reagents needed to craft one.

 It did take an hour or so, but it was fairly painless. My last quest in Dragonspyre took weeks because I needed so many Diamonds!

It was a great addition to my garden, and was actually much bigger than I had expected. 
I really enjoyed crafting. It is great that KingIsle have created this side activity to complement the game and the gardening.

I kept a link to Celestia and went back over to see what else might be useful. That's when I found the Transmute cards. Now I had researched these when I was pulling hair out sourcing Diamonds. That's when I found out about the Transmute Diamond card, however I hadn't realised how many Transmute cards there were. So I bought a few. And then I bought a few more. And another couple for luck.....

As you can see, I have now more than one page of Transmute cards. And I can tell you that I have used nearly all of them already. I have been spending so much gold in the Bazaar..... probably 60,000 or more in the last couple of days. I need my King Parsley to harvest more so I can sell the snacks to get more gold!!

 That's not where it ends, but I'll leave the rest for another post. Whenever I visit the Bazaar I pop over to the reagents page and find myself buying 250 Deep Mushrooms, or maybe even Mistwood. Every-time I see a Diamond, I click that Buy button as quick as you like.  It is a good job that backpacks do not count the number of reagents!!!

And those Monstrous Cards, I have made more than 10 already. I'll post more about that another time too.

Safe to say I am addicted to crafting.... are you?

Until next time,

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  1. Hey Tabitha, I know exactly what you mean. For me, it was something that evolved over time, and then...the Watchtower. Before I realised how important Gardening was for reagents, it just took forever to get what I needed to craft that house...still, it is one of my favorites and it really has the look and feel I was going for :)