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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Here Come the Drums!

Hey everyone,

I know by now that you guys know how much I love to get new badges, and a new crafting badge - well let's just say I'm a little excited. This is where battle questing falls to the wayside and all Spiral time is consumed with doing what I need to do to finish my crafting quest, and get my shiny new badge.

This is a great one, as it involves crafting a "Spirit Caller Drum", and I have been collecting drums at the Bazaar. I must make sure I make one of these for my treasure trove in the Barn. Looking at the recipe, and what I have in my backpack already, it is easy to see that I am a gardener who hangs at the Bazaar. There isn't much needed that I haven't already acquired!

Of course, with these higher level crafting quests, there is slightly more to do than just use some reagents, and in this case you can see that I need some Treasure cards and some drums.

In this case I need Conga drums - 4 of them. A quick flick over to Wizard101central tells me that good old Gearwise in Celestia is the vendor that will sell me the recipe. So off I go to grab that and see what else I need.

I can quickly see that I need Giant Treasure Cards and Fossil .... Fossil will be tricky. There is never much at the Bazaar. So I take a quick look at what Transmute cards I have, and as luck would have it... there is Transmute Fossil. Stone blocks are needed, but I have over 400, so lets see how close I can get!

I have mentioned before, but the beauty of these transmute cards is that there is no time restriction.... those crafting slots do not over heat so you can transmute to your hearts content!
You use your card crafting table for this, by the way.

As it happens, I didn't have enough of those stone blocks. So I have to spend a bit of time over at the Bazaar, refreshing for Fossil. It didn't take too long, and they were 1,000 each so not too expensive.
While I was there I purchased a few more Giant Treasure Cards, and then some Legion Shield Treasure Cards. Everything else was already there in my backpack. I never sell any reagents.... ever!

Then all that is required is a quick trip back to the lower level of my Red Barn Farm where I keep my crafting tables. First up 4 Congo drums, as I need to craft 2 Spirit Caller Drums.... At this point, of course, the crafting slots over heated, so I headed to bed while they cooled. The next day I was straight back into it, slots were empty - time to craft!

Two Spirit Caller Drums later and I'm called back to Zafaria to prove I have what it takes. This crafting challenge is complete and I'm now the owner of another shiny new badge -

Really not sure if I want to use this badge though..... I think I will remain V E R D A N T   G A R D E N E R for a while longer to be honest.

Until Next Time,


  1. Uh, duh, where can I find the recipe for this????? You say where to find the conga drum recipe, but not the Spirit Caller Drum!!!!??????

  2. never said where we could find this recipe, you only say where the conga drum recipe is!!!!?????

  3. Ahhh Kayla, you must have missed it at the start of the post. The Spirit Caller Drum is given as a part of the quest in order to help you level up as a Legendary Artisan.

    A lion by the name of Koyate Ghostmane gives it to you in Zafaria.

    Hope that helps Kayla.