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Friday, 27 June 2014

Tomb of the Zebra Kings

Hey everyone,

My travel around Zafaria continues, as do my Zebra interactions! Who knew that there would be quite so many zebras?

First up are the royal family. The Queen and Princess are flamboyant and well dressed. They could actually be mistaken as twins, same stance, hold the weapons the same. Not so the King! He is totally possessed; take a look at those eyes!

So starts the next part of the story.
 Zebra print is everywhere. It is on the doors, it is on the posts. Zebras are everywhere. From the skeleton here, to the tomb itself, they are everywhere. These 5 zebra line either side of one of the caverns of the tomb. Pretty cool. They are much bigger than this image suggests, bigger than me anyway!
Then there are these two zebras!
Totally unlike any other they are proudly framing the doorway . They are spooky, they are mesmerising and they demand to be looked at.
They are see through, but it's not just that. The light is pulsing through them. It is quite mesmerising.

But it is time for some battles to be fought. These battles are not really any drama. A couple of death minions, a couple of ice minions, and then it is time to meet Zanga Zebu himself. As you can see, Zanga is an Ice boss with a little over 6,000 health. You may remember that I have not had much luck with Ice bosses, but my gear has changed considerably since then.

My deck is tight, and doesn't change much - even for these lower health bosses. I took out the Death Prisms, put in a couple of Poisons and I was ready to roll. One mistake is not including any Feints, as I was expecting around 2,000 health, but I still wasn't concerned. Oh there was another slight issue - I had 4 Scarecrows packed, 2 Wraiths and 2 Vampires.
You see there is usually more than one to defeat. Oh well - we'll just have to see how this pans out. So I settle into normal strategy, blade, vengeance, pimp up the card and hit. First up was a Wraith with one death blade, a Giant card (+125). As expected, the hit goes critical and hit number 1 is 2156.

Time to go again. I had one more Wraith. Same strategy again. This time a Balance Blade, a Curse, pimp up with Giant and then Vengeance. My preference is always to pimp up with Gargantuan, but I have almost run out of them. I have 10 training points, so I am considering training up so I don't have to buy or craft them. Time will tell!
Back to this battle, and as you can see the hit is slightly better, and with half both those hits coming back to recoup my health this is looking to be one easy battle. With no more Wraiths, next up was a Vampire. Another critical hit and Zanga was down to 153 health.
Vengeance is still running and my death wisp hits for 120, so I needed another critical hit for this battle to be over. My critical rating is just over 200 at the moment, so with Vengeance I pretty much go critical on every Death hit, not guaranteed, but more often than not.

This one didn't let me down, and the whole battle was over in 4 hits. Of course those Feints would have made all the difference, but a win is a win.
Back to the Queen to confirm my battle prowess and the Tomb of the Zebra Kings is done and dusted.

And I have to say that I am still really enjoying Zafaria. I love the tribal colours and patterns. I love the colouring that is used. It is more earthy, less 'Moo Shoo' in the main if that makes sense. The red, orange and yellow skies are pretty awesome too and a big change from all the other realms so far. I am encouraged to look up far more in this world - and you know what? I like that!

Have fun, until next time,


  1. I think I've lost the comment that I just made... that or commented as something else. Google account or something, I think.

    I awful trouble with lag over five days, about two weeks ago. Finally got rid of it on the 5th day after defragging my hard drive, removing all internet history and cookies, etc. I think it reset how I comment.

    Sorry, rabbiting on about nothing. Hope you received the earlier comment :)

  2. Oh no... looks like you lost that comment Scarlet, though I am glad that you have sorted out your lagging problems, as that would have been very frustrating!