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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Procrastinate no More!

Hey everyone,

I have been procrastinating over my training points recently. I had trained up to Giant in the Astral cards, but always wanted to get to at least Gargantuan. 

I had the recipe for Monstrous and Gargantuan, and used to craft both regularly, but stopped. My reagents for those particular two ran low and I never quite got round to replenishing. 

Then I started buying them at the Bazaar. At times I would find myself with more than 50 Gargantuan in my deck. But they soon get used. 

They dominate my side deck like nothing else. Recently I have run dry, and the Bazaar has not been so forth coming. So I realise that it is time to make a choice. I mean I had no idea what else I would use my training points for, and those cards are so very helpful. In fact, I would go so far as to say they are a necessity!

 The last big fight I was in, I was in a seriously bad situation. I didn't realise it until after the battle was done, but could have kicked myself when I did. I bet it is something all wizards have done at some stage. So I went into the battle area to view what I was up against and then set my deck. When I entered the battle itself and found my deck was reluctant to give me what I needed. The healing powers of Patch and, more importantly, the random Vengeance casting also seemed to be missing. No fairy, no vengeance, and a bad deck. Well this was ordinary to say the least. So ordinary in fact, that I was defeated first try.

However, it wasn't until later when I decided to pop to the Bazaar to sell some stuff and just check out what was around. (Being the Bazaar lurker that I am, I am pretty sure that none of you are the least bit surprised!) So it was around this time that I realised my deck was my street fighting, 'tight' deck. I look further and find that Winston is at my feet, not Patch. Hmmmm. Two pets that look the same but one is infinitely more useful than other. I need to be careful with that! But the deck!! I couldn't help thinking that perhaps if I had the wrong deck equipped, but that it had Gargantuan instead of Giant, then things would have been that little bit easier. So this was it. 

The turning point - I had made my choice, and Celestia was my next stop. I had 10 training points burning a hole in my wizardly drapes :) Now I knew the Star School trainer was in the Floating Land, so I hot tailed over there to check it out. I really couldn't remember how many training points were needed to get what I wanted. The great news was that I only needed to use 2 Training Points. Pretty much best case scenario!! So now you can see my training points are down to 8!

I have also gone through every single deck and taken out Strong or Giant and replaced with the maximum number of Gargantuan cards. Vengeance is still making an appearance here and there, but the other astral cards are now pretty much retired. I can't help but think I should have done this so much earlier. I think my reluctance stemmed from using too many training points and finding something better that I can't have. But no more. 

And you know, I think it is time to review my pets too. Patch has a great triple heal, Vengeance and a Dragon Blade, but there is so much more that could be helpful. I guess I need to do a bit of research to figure this one out! I also have over 230 Mega Snacks at the moment, and do not use all my energy every day, so Pet Training will be a breeze. As always, will let you know!

Have fun, until next time,


  1. I think that you made a very wise choice, spending your training points on those spells. I believe that, later in Zafaria, you get the chance to acquire Colossal. Love that card and so miss it (and the rest of these sort) when I'm questing on my little wizards.

    I think you are doing fine for training points and will have enough to get what you want. :)

    Wow, so many mega snacks! Training will certainly be so much easier and quicker.

    I was just thinking about my ideal pet, all round pet:

    Because of the way that I play (and I probably don't battle the best but I do get by and have fun, which is the important bit), I don't really like bothering with shields, unless I have to. One of my go to pets has spell proof and spell defy, it is like having a little shield on me at all times and I find this very useful. So resist might be something to consider when developing another pet to have by your side in battle.

    I'm hoping that one of mine will manifest those two, along with Energising Battery and a Life heal. (Energising Battery for those odd times when an opponent casts an imp that leaves a Life dispel behind.)

    Finally, I think I'd quite like it to manifest Pain Giver, for a little extra thump power.

    However, recently I find I've been using different pets, depending on the battles I am likely to face. (Probably because I do not yet have my ideal all-rounder, lol). I'm also hampered because I enjoy having certain pets around me, some seem more pleasing than others.

    It's great running through a dungeon with the Raven flying beside me. Or farming Halfang with the little Squirrel which looks up at me so appealingly.

    Ah, but it would be wonderful if we could stitch their card talents too.

    Have fun and looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in colourful Zafaria. Good luck!

  2. Hey Scarlet - have you ever though about blogging - this is a blog post in itself lol!

    I know I have made the right choice, was questing last night and every fight used 3-4 cards - Death Blade, Vengeance (sometimes Patch, sometimes me), Scarecrow+Gargantuan. Critical strike every time. The battles were so easy!

    And thanks for chatting about pets. I definitely need to give this much though as there is so much room for improvement. Thanks Scarlet!


  3. Ha ha. I don't think I write as clearly and as interestingly as you guys do. Have an awful tendency to ramble or rabbit on and on.

    Glad to hear that you were happy with your choice and that you are breezing through your battles like a knife through butter. Will have to copy you when my little Death finally reaches that level. :)