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Monday, 16 June 2014

Fallen Caiman - Farming - The Future

Highlights this week include.....
  • Morgrim v Caiman - Back to Questing!! 
  • Doing it Wrong? - Duelist give us the heads up
  • Abracadoodle - Have you checked it out yet?
This week was fairly quiet - no big show stoppers or news to rock the Spiral. With everything returning to normal, Morgrim felt the itch to get back into some heavy questing whilst Duelist spread the word on farming in Wizard101 - and they are not talking about gardening!

The crown sale is back on too...... Click on the paper to find all the news and tips being shared by Wizards around the globe.

Find yourself a quiet spot and enjoy..... I'm back off to Zafaria for a while..... Look out for another round up next week!

Until Next Time,

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