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Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Exhilaration of Losing ?!?

Clemente Moraga.  Another fight I was warned about.  Both Alia and Blaze had said it was a tough fight, with Clemente and the Ortiz brothers taking them out first and sometimes second time around.

It was my turn and I soon discovered the problem.  Fire, all of them.  Hmm...this might be tricky.  Still, I had survived the Storm Caiman and I do enjoy a tough battle.  Time to get battle ready.

King Pepper is the main change.  He is a good Pet to help with damage, but no good in a dogfight (interestingly he is an Ianthine Hound lol).  In a hard slog my 'go to' Pet is Miss Callie.  She uses her triple heal well and often.

Hmm...3 fights later and I am reeling.  I haven't lost like this for... for a LONG time.  Time to rethink my strategy.  Checking out my deck, it is designed to deal a lot of damage quickly, but against a pretty resistant opponent, that potent edge is considerably dulled.

Time to prepare.  I wasn't going to lose again.  Let's see...Shields in main and side decks.  Smoke screen, steal charm and a cleanse charm wouldn't hurt.  More Prisms and less Dragons, only really need one - not that useful in this fight.  My deck size increased to give me the flexibility I knew I was going to need.

It's go time.  Come on you sneaky monkeys - let's try this one more time.

First down is Primo.  Actually, it was an accident. The Prism on him was meant for Clemente, but I won't complain.

Segundo was next in my sights after being softened up by the Dragon that took out Primo.

The boys were really working me over, and once again the green-eyed tree lady was on hand to help out. She used her life power (and my pips!) to the fullest and it gave me the strength I needed to continue.

A Rain of Fire was next to remove the final Ortiz brother, but Clemente was still holding strong.

8 power pips and another Dragon is coming my way, my Efreet just one round too late.

Power Pips have all but completely deserted me.  I have a raging hound ready to unleash and a hand full of noob pips.

Right - life minion to the rescue! She'll chew up a few pips and heal me as well :)

What?  She starts with an Imp, and followed it up with a Pass?!?  I think she may have forgotten her role in this battle!  Oh great - here comes the Dragon to take her out...<sigh> thanks for the Imp I suppose.

LOL - Hang one, this ain't over yet as Callie casts a timely Unicorn and my Life friend is back from the dead!

Thanks to the return of my assistant, I am now back to near full health.  Next round she is gone for good but has made a great contribution and I thank her for her help.

A Reshuffle and a few minor cards later to clear out the noob pips, and the heavy piercing dog is released to feast on my foe.

Feeling like I finally have the upper hand, sanctify the arena knowing the power of the Sanctuary might just be the final key to close out this fight.

A big Prismed Backdraft goes on now, with the knowledge this fight is mine.  Now it is just a waiting game.

There it is.  The final pip and my old mate, the supercharged Efreet is ready to pound.

Bang.  You is dead little monkey!!

Yes, losing can be exhilarating.  I have say, that was one of the most enjoyable fights I have had for a long time.  It forced me to think instead of bludgeon and reminded me of the versatility of my school.

Thanks again Wizard101 and Kings Isle.  What a great game :)

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. Exciting match. Congratulations on your win.

  2. Thanks Scarlet - it is good to be challenged. I enjoyed this one :)