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Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Storm Caiman

I haven't quested for some time, and I was getting the itch to get back on the trail again.  I had been in the jungles of Azteca for some time, bashing small monkeys and spooky wraiths (and who doesn't love the snake bridge!)

Once I had defeated the last of them, and performed some skillful stone masonry on some ancient columns, it was off to take on the Storm Caiman.  Aha!  Into a dungeon!

First, I had to don the robes and appearance of one of those wraiths and drift into the pyramid.

The first few fights were pretty typical, although Agnes was a bit of a handful, she wasn't unusually difficult.  From there, a quick glance at the Codex and I knew something was wrong!  I hadn't gotten there in time! No!  She had already summoned the Storm Caiman!

It was up to me to stop him.

I raced into the next chamber and Blaze realised what was going on.  He told me that the Caiman was a crafty fellow and had defeated him when they initially met.  Hmm...I know how well Blaze can fight...those are words I need to heed.

A quick glance through my gear and I knew I had to do something.  I switched into my "I hate fighting Storm bosses" gear and I was ready.

"Arrrgghhhh!!" I charged into the fray ready to take out this evil spirit at all costs!

The battle was intense.  It started hard, with me going second.  A quick early Medusa from a minion and a Storm Owl from the boss and I was immediately on the back foot.  Thanks to Blaze's tips, it wasn't too bad, but the fight was definitely on!

I settled in, and in true Fire form, I nailed the pesky minions and it was time to take the Caiman down, but he certainly wasn't giving in without a fight.

Wow...all of a sudden I'm brimming with pips and extremely low on health.  Do I go for the killer hit, or do I heal?  Going second...well, let's just say, I'm glad I went with healing!

Fortunately, the lady of the tree worked her magic and got me back from 4 health to a point where I was ready to continue this battle to the death.

The struggle continued, with each of us scoring big hits, and!  I was nearly dead again!  54 health!  Bugger!

Fortunately, my backflipping, hooved companion jumped in (literally!) to save the day.

Well, that was enough.  I was able to then finish the job and the world of Azteca breathed easier now that the threat had been neutralised (they just had to worry about a whopping big meteor instead lol!)

But you know?  Even once defeated, the Storm Caiman chose to be rude.  Look at this guy shouting...I don't think I have seen any other character speaking in all caps?  If I have missed one, let me know so I can go back and check it out.

Someone really should show him the CAPS LOCK key!  

How did you go against this guy?  I know I appreciated Blaze's tip - just in time!

See you 'round the Spiral!


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