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Friday, 20 June 2014

Turning Back Time

Hey everyone,

Been doing a few street fights in Zafaria today. At the beginning of most of the world's there is a fair bit of street fighting to be done. So I thought I would tackle a few to get through to some of the dungeons and bigger fights to have a bit of a challenge.
Not that Zafaria itself is not a challenge. Street fights of 1,500 to 2,200 can be a bit of a challenge too. But having to consecutively defeat 17 of the same thing in 3 quests... doesn't quite tickle the challenge buds enough.

And then of course, I get my first Boss Fight of the region, and I fail. At first I fail due to lack of preparation. Then I fail due to a lower level porting wizard who really wanted the big kill, but then flees at the first sign of failure. A frustration that we all deal with. The nodding head down - the teleport back to the beginning of that land.

But now when that happens you have dungeon recall.

Depending of where you are, you get up to 30 minutes to sort out your deck, your health, your mana and your team and then straight back in. So the question is what do you do with that time? I figure there are a few things;
  1. Find enough red and blue wisps to refill your Health and Mana and get straight back into it
  2. Use your extra bottles to re-fill your Health and Mana
  3. Transport to the commons and re-fill at the games area
  4. Transport to the Bazaar to buy better Treasure Cards?
  5. Craft extra Treasure Cards at your card crafting table
  6. Just have some fun 
This is not an exhaustive list as there are plenty of other things like gardening and helping other wizards. Of course there is a world of difference between 5 minutes and 30 minutes, but the countdown of time meant I could judge what could be accomplished. 
In this instance I had 5 minutes to sort out what I needed and get back. Mana bottles were an issue.....
Luckily Blaze was at the Bazaar so I was able to port to him quickly and look for TCs that I needed. Next stop was the Commons to get to the Fairgrounds to re-fill Mana and Health. Then back to the fight. And sometimes I push it to the very limit... my  port had 2 seconds to spare!! 
But having that five minutes to sort out what I needed allowed me to complete the battle successfully :)

What about you guys? Do you use Dungeon Recall, and if you do what do you do to fill the time?

Have fun, until next time,


  1. I've been using Dungeon Recall. I tend to spend the time refilling with red and blue wisps and/or re-arranging my deck in line with a new strategy to beat the dungeon before heading straight back into the fray.

    I prefer to grab wisps as I seldom like to use my potion bottles. I'm not sure why but I just don't like emptying them unless it is an emergency :D

  2. Oh Scarlet that is funny, and I am the same. I save those little blue bottles more for bigger dungeons when you just don't know where the next blue wisp is coming from! I have been trying to do the second part of Aquila solo and that is where I have been using them the most. One day I will succeed, but whether I succumb to asking for help to finish it before I finish it solo.... well...... time will tell :)

  3. Funnily enough, I am the same too. They cost next to nothing to refill, yet I always find myself conserving them. I think it is because when you are deep into a dungeon, there are just no wisps to take advantage of :)

    I haven't used Dungeon Recall yet. I might do it just to see how it works...