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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wizardly Etiquette

You know anyone that knows me in the real world, knows me to be a person who likes manners.

In the Spiral , a simple "Hi" or "How are you?" - take no time in your day. But just because they take no time in your day doesn't mean they don't matter or are not appreciated. One of my wizard friends is very much the same. Always there with a 'Hi', which always makes me smile. I wonder sometimes, if other wizards don't say Hi because they don't want a big chat, just want to get on with their questing.
And I can understand that to a certain degree, although I can't help but think that a simple Hi can and should be just that... and not an opening dialogue.
Then there is the etiquette behind porting over to someone. I must admit I do not tend to randomly port. If you are at the Bazaar then, well.... chances are I'll drop on you quite literally at some point! The reason I don't port randomly though, is the chance of dropping into a battle.

Now this can be bad for me, or it can be bad for the person you are porting to. Last night I was ported to in an area that was rife with Death Lionesses. Just a street fight, but Death over 2,000 and it is a tricky street fight.
The real problem was that I didn't need them for my quest. So the port over brought in another Death Lioness. But my friend apologised and helped me get through the fight. So it was all good, and we had chance to catch up a little in the process.

But earlier I had been ported to in a boss fight. There was no Hi - the young wizard was straight into "I'll get the boss". Now the problem here was the boss was Fire.... and the minions were Death. Killing the boss while waiting for my prisms to appear was my strategy. This put a spanner in the works. I decided to be magnanimous and let him work on the boss.
This was not a good move. It was a terrible move in fact. I was very quickly defeated. Now normally a quick port out, use a mana bottle and port back in, and we're ready to go. But no. My young wizard friend said "Oh no" and fled. Seriously? I was a little disgruntled at this turn of events, and the fact I would have to start all over again.

I wonder about the way you handle these? Do you love to port and help out in random places (and do you stay even when the going gets tough?), or are you slightly more reluctant like me? Do you like to say Hi and get on with your day or remain silent? As always, would love to hear from you and about your experiences.

Have fun, until next time,


  1. I am more the polite type. I always ask to teleport but like you if I see you are at the Bazaar then I will just swoosh right in with a cheery hello :D
    I also would never abandon someone to a lost fight without an offer to help with a rematch. I go by the golden rule even in the Spiral
    Chrissy The Blesser

  2. Good on you Chrissy! Sounds like you are a good wizard friend to have in the Spiral :)

  3. Oh, I feel for you in that Boss fight. I think that your young wizard friend has not had enough experience yet to realise that, apart from it being politer to ask before porting, it is easier to fight a school that is not your own. In any case, it was your battle, maybe also would have been politer to ask what you wanted him to do.

    I had a friend like this. Affable but prone to popping in unexpectedly and always wanting the boss or the killing shot. Then he leveled up by about ten levels. Suddenly he was a help rather than a hinderance when he popped into my battles. No longer needing sole rights to bosses or killing shots.

    I only remember saying something to him once, when I got truly exasperated. I think that instead he had learned more about how the battles worked and had experienced for himself just what it is like when someone ports in and doesn't really think. So, hopefully, as your young wizard friend advances, he'll also change.

    I don't port to my friends without asking first. I'll send a cheery 'Hi and how are you' to the starred friends on my list when I first get into the game but don't tend to greet everyone. Not because I don't want to but more because sometimes I can't quite remember who they are, if they are not starred. Shameful, I know. I generally play with the Friends box minimised, so seldom notice when someone joins the game but am always pleased to hear from anyone.

    When I do port, then it is generally in response to a request for help and I would never abandon them until that particular battle/quest/whatever it was they needed help with was done.

  4. I hear you Scarlet. I don't say Hi to everyone, but there are a few that I have been questing on and off with a while that I'll do a shout out to. I too find some of the names don't ring any bells, and I always play with the box minimised, that's more because I play in a small window most of the time - helps with multi-tasking that I find I often need to do!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment Scarlet - you have outdone yourself :)

  5. It is interesting, I have never thought of it before, but I have only rarely asked if I can port. Then again, I really don't port _to_ people very often unless I am asked.

    I hate running past a fight with a lone wiz. I check to make sure they are OK, and if they are looking a little battered, I'll just check to see if they are OK. If not, I'll jump in.

    Just can't stand to see the bad guys win. Us Wizards are in this together!!