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Friday, 6 June 2014

Housekeeping Rewards

Hey Everyone,

As you know I am currently resident in Zafaria, and I am excited about a new crafting quest and level! But I have had some houseeeping to do since I did the gardening challenge with Morgrim. You may remember that my bank was rather full.... in fact it had 46 pages of seeds in it and over 400 items! 75% of the items in my bank were Key Lime seeds. I just hadn't got round to clearing them out.

So I decided that enough is enough and it is time for some housekeeping. Not only was my bank over full, but my gold was low - down to 7,000 Gold.

So I equipped Winston. This is a pet that I haven't finished training, and I use him for feeding pet rewards. You'll see below how well he has done being fed excess items from my bank!

Key Limes give one of two  rewards when fed to your pet. One is Gold and the other is Pet Experience. As you can see 120 Gold or 2 Pet experience of Will.
It took a while to go through the process, there are rather too many clicks required, but overall Winston and my Gold did rather well. Winston now has 472 Pet experience.... not bad as I have not trained him at all at his current level, all 472 has come from feeding rewards, generally from excess Key Lime seeds!

As for Gold, I know it won't last long as it never does, but I made around 30,000 Gold by feeding Winston.

A good outcome, Winston is happy, my Gold supply is a little more healthy and my bank is no longer over flowing.

Time to find out the details of my new crafting quest - and you all know how much I love to craft.

Have fun, until next time!


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