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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Zebras of the Zamunda

Hey everyone,

You know there is one thing I have noticed in Zafaria, well Zamunda I guess. That is the prolific amount of Zebras. They are everywhere. Although I can't exactly call them a harem or a herd as they seem questionable by their distance from each other; rather they are dotted around randomly! By the way, it is not just the characters I am referring to...... take a look at this for an entrance!

The huge tribal gates are overseen by these two magnificent sparring partners, but take a look at the city beyond the gates.... Two wooden Zebra heads can clearly be seen!!!

I thought I'd take a few more shots of some of these Zebras, as they caught my eye so much while I was passing through. This guy here is the elder. Can barely stand and uses his walking stick to remain somewhat upright. We chat to him a few times, but I don't want to give too much of the story away.

As the story evolves your movements through Zamunda will see many interactions with these Zebras. They really do come in all shapes and sizes, well maybe not shapes - more like many colours. So far there have not been any 'afro circus' like Marty from Madagascar, but painted camouflage appears more than once. 

There are many of the Igoka Defenders splattered around. They are a bit fierce and have a definite sense of pride to them. Strangely enough they give off a fierce persona, but are amongst the only Zebras not have have some sort of weapon.

The soldiers, however, have both weapons and camouflage paint! As you can see there are a couple of types, one with green paint and one with red paint. If you look closely they have different 'uniforms' but they are very similar in stature. Both have the same very cool striped mane. 

Each of the these zebras have manes that are slightly different if you look close enough. Their weapons are different, and interestingly they are both slightly stooped, though only one is using a staff.  
Next up are the captains !

Now these have weapons and colour and both have shields. They are not stooped, they are upright, proud and ready. Interestingly I also noticed that they hold their shields and spears in identical hands. I guess there are no lefties here!

But this story isn't just about the combat Zebras. As with all good tales, there are the good ones, the bad ones, and the unlucky ones. The unlucky ones in Zamunda have been made prisoners. There are a few of them around.

These little fellas are the Igoka Prisoners. You are tasked with setting them free. But before you rush up to them and just press 'X', take a moment to watch them. They are very sorrowful, literally shaking in fear. They turn to face you, to implore you to help them, then turn away again. They have no additional colouring and are bound by their front legs.
Don't take too long watching them though, these poor creatures deserve to be set free!

And that's my take on the Zebras of Zamunda. It is good to take time to marvel at the detail that the artists of KI take time to give us - don't you think?

Until Next Time,

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