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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

London Baby!

In my real life I am what is commonly referred to as a POM. Hailing from England, but living and now a citizen of Australia. In one of my earlier quests in Krokotopia I ended up with a new challenge "Marylebone Calling". I didn't need to be asked twice, off I went like a shot back to the World Gate. Yes, I still have Grizzleheim and Wysteria sitting there undiscovered - but Marylebone...... I was curious. Just what would KingsIsle do with a London themed world? When I got to the World Gate the door to this world was not there, so I had to go back to Krokotopia and continue questing in the sands, until it was time.......

As you can see...... I got there. And it's a strange thing! They have done an awesome job of creating the streets of London. I like that it is set back in time and not too modern. I like that they have, once again, taken time to create views - I mean how about this one over the roof-tops to Big Ben. I feel a bit like Mary Poppins up here!
There are some great details, take this old car for instance:
The old newspapers being blown in the streets, the red pillar boxes and the red telephone boxes, they all remind me of home. Cobbled Streets, little shops with wooden benches and wallpaper in dull colours - it's not just the views they have done well, it is the detail too. 
And it's kind of fun that they have chosen to use cats and dogs for the people here, with scurrying rats and cat burglars to quest against! And where else can you go and visit Barkingham Palace?

Well done once again Wizard101! I'm off to see some more of the sights in Old London Town....

Until Next Time,


  1. Hey Kevin! We are all from Australia on this particular blog!! Hope you are enjoying our adventures and tales :)