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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Also enjoying the views

Wizard101 is such an amazing place.  It is a game that has something incredible for almost everyone.  When I was reading Tabitha's post on the things she found spectacular, it caused me to reflect on my own experiences and I felt a need to share some of the areas that struck me during my time in the Spiral.

The first place to really notice something special was soon after I had taken the plunge and actually spent money on an online game.  I unlocked Firecat Alley.  Being a Fire Wizard and loving it, I really don't normally take after all of the red and orange typically associated with Fire, but I noticed this view coming back from a quest and it caught my eye.  I don't know if it was the keep or the massive floating parts of this area, but I do remember marveling at it.

Then, while recalling this, I remembered another, much later in the game.  Avalon was a world with some incredible scenery, and walking from the courtyard to this view was simply amazing.

But then again, why stop there?  Tabitha has just entered my absolute favourite world.  Grizzleheim.  This world is simply spectacular.  There are the normal parts of the world, there are those that are restricted to certain levels, and there is the amazing Nadavellir, where you get to meet the first of the truly bad guys - Jotun and his brothers.  And after all of that, there is Wintertusk - but more on that in another post.

On entering, Nadavellir, you notice that this is a very different place.  Awe inspiring even.

And don't forget to look behind you!  This is a place to drink in the atmosphere as much as it is to enjoy the step up in fighting difficulty.

As a level 30 something, I often wondered about the level 50s that kept appearing here.

Feeling a little daunted, I tried the door on the left first.  I was stunned at the health of these bad guys, but it was OK, I had some good spells too.  That was until the first round of fighting saw me badly injured and I didn't survive the second attacks.  Wow.  Needless to say, my first experience with Jotun was with Blaze and Alia and dug in for our first ever extended fight.

This post has gone a little longer than I expected, but such is the magic of the spiral.  Before I go though, there is one other shot that I thought was worthwhile.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but going from the caves with all of their crazy angles and rickety bridges to this majestic icescape truly made Ravenscar worth the wait and the first time you travel through an ice tunnel is just breathtaking.

Wizard101, I take my hat off to you (and now with hair styles I really can take my hat off!).  This game is just an incredible merger of art and magic - all in the name of enjoyment.  

And thank you to Tabitha for reminding me of some of these amazing places, and Alia for starting the whole "Sightseeing" idea :)

See you 'round the Spiral!


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