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Monday, 22 July 2013

What is it with all the arrogant Ice?

OK, yes, I'm new to PvP and it has taken a while to tune my deck.  That said I am nearly there.

Nonetheless, what is it with all these arrogant and cocky Ice wiz in the Spiral?

I was doing a 1v1 the other day and as soon as the fight started, my opponent realised I was Fire and said "Hi" then "Check out my resist".  As everyone who PvPs knows, you don't talk - it just gives away your stats and gives your enemy a chance to find a soft spot.  But not this guy..."Jack Frost" or so his cheer squad called him, then proceeded to goad me for the next 20 mins.  With 92% Fire Resist, he was feeling invincible.

"Use Efreet like those other Fire corpses!"

"Ah, not talking - a classic noob"

It was funny though, he really didn't like my minion - lol

Well, with me surviving through the brunt of his attack with some handy Ice shields, I weathered the storm. Then it was clear that he was in trouble.  He was running out of cards, and I had found an Unbalance.

A +195% backdraft, a feint, fire bubble, infallible, extraordinary and a prism and...

...the cocky Jack Frost had fled.

Ice - if you are going to be cocky, you had better be good enough to back it up.

See you 'round the Spiral!


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