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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Blaze's Tips and Tricks No.3 - Things Are Not As They Seem

I have a few tricks up my sleeve here in the Spiral. But this one is definitely one of the best. You know in the top left corner of your screen where you can access the Crowns shop? Well, it isn't just a Crowns shop.

The Crowns shop definitely has some pretty cool stuff and I always wanted lots of Crowns to get a permanent mount. But I never really could afford them. After fighting the Kraken almost everyday I just needed a permanent mount. It was when I was in Krokotopia that I realized this button existed...

In the bottom right corner of the screen there is a button that ONLY shows up if you are on a item that can be bought for gold. This was a BIG thing for me and meant that straight away I checked the mounts section. Sadly though the Swiftshadow Wings weren't on sale for gold. :( But what I did find was that lots of other mounts were. The Bengal Tiger looked good so I started saving up (this got a lot easier when I learned about Halfang) and soon wanted my very own Death House. 100 000 gold is a fair bit but is much better than 10 000 Crowns. There are mounts, houses, housing items, transformations and for the first time ever I saw a pet up for sale for gold! (The next picture shows the houses with the 'GOLD' button pressed.)

Well I hope this post helps you as much as it helped me. Make sure you check out the Housing Items as well because some of those are absolutely awesome. I hope you have enjoyed my third Tips and Tricks.

Until Next Time!


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