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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pets are Awesome!

Over my time as a Wizard, I have collected many pets, and initially I didn't really know what value they were, they were really more of a curiosity than anything.  Being a Firey, I ended up with lots of Firewings.  It seemed right to have a Fire pet and the card was more powerful than a normal Sunbird.   In fact, if you see my original house, it is littered with discarded Firewings!

Interestingly, going back and looking at them now, I had trained a fair pet.  A TowerShield card, 9% Spell Proof, Spritely and Pip-o-Plenty.  Not knowing any better I was happy with that pet and kept Sparky around for quite a while.

Now, my regular pet has almost perfect stats with 10% Spell Proof, Spritely, Fairy, Unicorn and mc Vengeance.  Very handy little lady she is and as a Penumbra Drake, she is nearly impossible to see unless you look closely.  She is the result of more than a million in gold for hatching and plenty of snacks and training.

But she is not perfect.  I want that pet with perfect stats.  I want a fire pet that has a card I can actually use, with the perfect set of talents.

The stats are easy, 250 all round.  I have a few Ianthine Hounds with this - they are perfect training fodder, and with a Dragonblade card, they are a handy pet.

The card and the pet - what is perfect for a Firey?  I know Blaze would love a Penumbra - being Death he would get great value from the Red Ghost.  But Fire is supposed to hit pretty hard, so the Dragonblade on the Ianthine is tempting, but with everyone out there having a strong fire resist, is that really what I am after?

Then along came the Coldfire Dragon and its Kirkur Axebreaker card, and I think I have found the pet for me.  The 9% piercing for all friends is a great addition.

Lastly, talents.  What are the best talents?  I think mc Sprite and mc Fairy are a must.  mc Unicorn is a nice to have, but it doesn't cast very often.  I have just revealed mc Healing Current, but I'm told it is very infrequent also.  Proof, definitely...Defy? Is 5% resistance enough to use up a talent?

Very keen to hear anyone's opinion on this as there is a lot to 'crafting the perfect pet...'

See you round the Spiral!


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