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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ice..tough fight

There are times that I love being fire, and times...well, when it is frustrating.  It is still the school I love, but when you see what these Ice Wizards wear in the Arena, it can get a little challenging.

Tonight Alia and I took on a couple of Level 89s, an Ice and a Death.  The Ice guy had 82% resist to Fire and 49% resist to Life.  What a battle.

Alia and I are still learning the PvP ropes, and are both Privates, these guys were a Sargent and a Commander.  We were in for a tough fight.  Worse, the Ice guy had a Fire mate who hung around the Arena taunting us for the first 90 mins.  No doubt a young kid, but annoying nonetheless.

We targeted the Death guy for the first part of the fight, but his pet was doing a pretty good job of keeping him alive.  After trading blows for an hour, the Death guy was dead, and the Ice guy was pretty much untouched.

Ice guy had a Life Amulet so it wasn't long before it was 2-2 again.  They had a lot of Smoke Screens, Dispel Life and Bad JuJu.  Very annoying.

At the one hour mark, we both had Guardian Spirits on and were healthy, thanks to the amazing Alia.  Death guy was coming back from the dead and soon after Ice guy got a lucky Lord of Winter on Alia and took her out in a single hit.  Of course, she bounced right back, but Death was waiting for her and took her out again.

Finally I got a decent Dryad onto her and we were back.

An aggressive Gnomes followed by a heavy piercing Efreet took out 50% of Ice's health.  He had reshuffled once by this time and soon after, Death was down to 150 health thanks to an unblocked Critical Efreet.  The Death's pet took over and got him back to 2000.  Neither Alia nor I, both having reshuffled, could draw the card to put him away.

By this time, we were 2 hours in. Everyone had reshuffled once, and Ice had done it twice.

Finally, a chunky Forest Lord swept away the rubble and left Ice reeling.  A Critical Helephant finally nailed our antagonists and we took the match in a little over 2 1/2 hours.

I can think of more productive ways to spend that time, but it has been a big week already...I am fine to take a little time out every now and then - and the advantage of dual monitors is that you can actually work on the other screen.  But who would want to do that :)

It was a very satisfying fight to win.  

See you round the Spiral and wish us luck for next time!


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