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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Blaze's Tips and Tricks No.2 - Easy Temporary Mounts

Sick of running around the spiral not having enough crowns or gold to buy a mount? Sick of running back and forth from places hardly getting any questing done?

Well I'm about to share with you a few good bosses for crowns and non crowns players to get mounts daily until you can buy a permanent one.

The Kraken is a boss on Triton Avenue which costs no crowns to get to and drops a total of 10 different daily mounts. The Kraken often fills up quickly so I'm sure you'll find many friends to help you finish quicker. The Kraken is definitely the boss for non crowns players and with lots of friends it's quick and easy! To see what mounts The Kraken drops click the link below.

Another good boss for mounts is Alicane Swiftarrow. Alicane is pretty much the last boss you will fight on Firecat Alley and drops 9 different daily mounts.(Which costs 750 crowns to get to. Not for non crown players). You may need some friends or some others who want mounts to help attack him as people don't usually farm him. Mounts and drops for Alicane Swiftarrow are below.

Some bosses that hardly any one knows drop mounts are Lady Blackhope and Rattlebones. These two bosses are both located on Unicorn Way (the first place you encounter monsters) and both drop 9 different daily mounts each. These bosses towers do not have sigils so you will have to fight them solo. These bosses are easier then the first two but fighting them by yourself could be harder. The mounts and drops for each boss are in the links below.

I hope that this weeks Tips & Tricks have helped your journey around the spiral. Just 10 - 30 minutes a day of fighting these bosses can get you a mount and help you around the spiral much faster.

Until next time!


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