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Monday, 29 July 2013

First Feint Spell Used

I leveled up to 28 yesterday and was given a new spell by Dworgyn. Now I know that minions exist in the spiral and have been in some quests where minions have been used, and I was keen to find out if this was my chance to summon a death minion!

So off I go back to Wizard City, (of course after a quick visit to the Bazaar to off-load all those items I had no use of!) down to the hidden death school, full of hope that a minion was on the way. But, alas, no. It seems I still have a bit of waiting before I get that particular card.

The card I got was a Feint. I have never used one, so was a little unsure. This one was a 1-pip Death Feint:

Being a 1-pip card, it is one that could get a lot of use, but not knowing what card the enemy will be hitting me with next, I thought to myself that this card would not actually be seeing a great deal of action. Adding 30% to a large spell is a risk I wasn't sure I wanted to take, as much as the 70% against the enemy was appealing. After all 70% additional damage could very easily be a quest clincher.

The next battle I am in, I load up on Blades, Shields and place Curse on the high ranking enemy. While I was doing this, the two enemies were doing pretty much the same, Using my 40% Blade along with a 20% Curse was enough to get rid of the higher ranking enemy. Next round I was ready to reload to hit the second one. I had pretty much escaped any hits by this stage, except for an ice-elf on that I had from the previous round.

Next round? There it is. The Feint. I was building up to a larger card to hit the enemy as I had done previously. I had 1-pip, needed 3 to play the card I needed. That card would not be enough to remove the enemy but would do a nice amount of damage. So the Feint would make all the difference..... what to do?Then I realised that I actually did know what card the enemy would be hitting me with in the next round..... the ice-elf. It still had two rounds left in it, and 30% additional damage to a 70 hit - well it was an easy decision! So I played the Feint, then passed. My 3-pips were in place, so time to play my card:
I needed 435 to defeat the enemy, the card with the Feint produced 510 damage. This battle was over and I had sustained no real damage at all. Excellent result!

I think the Feint card my just be a bit more usable than I first thought. So I'm off the re-align my deck and add in a few more of them. 

Until Next Time,

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