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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


When I was thinking about Krokotopia, I really had no idea what type of world it would be. I mean "Wizard City", it kind of speaks for itself, but Krokotopia? Nothing was screaming at me, so I was curious to go check it out......

So it turns out that Krokotopia is a land of sand and pyramids!  It is so different from Wizard City! And I would never have guessed we would be moving to the desert. I hear Morgrim talk of these other worlds he visits, and I feel a little left out because I am so far behind in my journey, so it is good to see a new world. Lots of Fire too, so I guessing Fire Wizards will pick up some good gear.

It's pretty impressive, there are ancient digs and big statues.... and lots of new 'locals' to speak to! I'm looking forward to checking this out some more!

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