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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Extreme Gardening

You know, I really didn't see the value in gardening.  

Treasure cards, snacks, reagents...these things were scattered everywhere and it seemed all they were good for was selling.  If the only thing that seeds give you are more seeds as well as more of the above then it was just a waste of time!

Then I started crafting.  It was that there weren't reagents everywhere, but they were the wrong ones!  If I wanted to craft, I needed very specific reagents, and, while many can be found in the bazaar if you are patient enough, the easiest way to get some of the trickier ones was gardening.  

Oh, and then there is pet training.  You get a maximum of 4 points for the event, but you can get up to 50 points for a single snack!  And the best snacks come from - gardening!  

Then it was PvP?  Treasure cards are a valuable part of the battle, and some of the best come from, you guessed it, gardening!!

I realised I had to get into this gardening thing quickly and figure out how I could maximise my efforts to gain the most of these precious reagents.  It is a lot of effort to nurture a garden, so you really want it to be worth your while.  After speaking with a few friends and watching other wizards, I found that the best bet was to plan carefully and plant LOTS.  That is when I started my extreme gardening.  

There are some rules - know what you want to get from your harvest, and know what spells you need to care for your plants.  There is no use planting a seed that can get a Rank 5 pest, if your best spell is a Rank 3 pest.

So, plan your garden well.

When you lay out your plots, only plant enchanted ones - any seed can be planted here, whereas enchanted seeds cannot be planted in a normal plot.  

Make sure you plant fields of similar seeds, or at the very least, seeds with similar needs.  Once you have been doing this for a while, you can start to maintain some very big gardens with only moderate effort.

The picture below shows a field of White Tiger Lilies.  All of these were from the bazaar, and at 6300 gold per seed - it represents a fair investment of time and money, but it is worth it.  In shot there are 36 of these little guys (and there is a clue as to how many there really are, that is the top of a door at the back) - but look at those needs!

These little babies need water, magic, pollination and music.  You can even see a Rank 5 Imp in there.  That means, to satisfy this garden, you need 85 power.  I'll talk about gear in another post, but my gardening gear is what helps make this possible.

So why?  If they are so hard, why plant them?  

The answer is simple.  Amber.  Extremely rare, and needed for all the best spells, Amber is reason for extreme gardening - and White Tiger Lilies give the best chance of Amber.

I have now crafted the two spells I wanted - Deer Knight and Lord of Night, but I still want and need more.  As more spells that come out, I want to be right there, ready to learn them.

Well, that is all for now.  If you have any questions on gardening, feel free to ask!

See you round the Spiral!


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