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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Welcome to Wizard's Keep

Hi fellow Wizards and welcome to Wizard's Keep.

After being avid fans and players now for more than 18 months, we figured it was time to start to share some of our experiences in the Spiral.  Needless to say, we love it and our only regret is that we are close to finishing Azteca.  Hopefully KI will surprise us with a new world soon...we just don't want it to end!

I guess we should start with some introductions:

In the Keep, we have Morgrim, Fire and the lovely Alia Starshade, Life.  A great combination btw, and we have quested together since the very first days of our time in the Spiral.

We are joined here by Blaze, Robert Shadowgem and Edward Stormglade, all Death, and finally, the pretty Sarah Green, the Ice princess.  We each like different parts of Wizard,and that is what makes it so enjoyable for us all.

...and then there is the newest member of the Keep, Tabitha, another Death Wiz, and a new player.

Over the coming months and years (maybe?) we'll be discussing interesting things that we find, tips and tricks that we uncover and generally the things we enjoy about this awesome KI game. Between us, we cover all aspects of the game and hope to be able to help Wizards, new and old, to discover what a truly wonderful place the Spiral can be.

Thanks for joining us here.  We hope to see you again really soon.

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