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Sunday, 9 June 2013

My New Wizard

Hi I'm Blaze and my favourite school is Death. From completing the test on day 1 I have loved being a Death wizard travelling around the spiral. Now that the end is nearing and Azteca is getting close I am starting to slow down waiting and hoping for a new world. While at the same time crafting, gardening and pet training. 

Another way to slow things down and enjoy the spiral from a different angle I decided to start a new wizard. Doing the test three times and getting Death every go I tried answering the questions in the opposite way. I kind of may have guessed that I would get the opposite of Death, Life. I quickly chucked some gear, a mount and a pet into my shared bank and off I went. 

I started my questing and fought a few guys. Even though I remembered some things reliving a wizard is much more detailed and fun. I did some questing with Alia and Morgrim and eventually finished Unicorn Way. I got the Fairy spell which I could actually use to heal others then got the Leprechaun from my new professor Moolinda Wu. 

I have so far enjoyed being a life wizard and can't wait to play again and continue my journey around the Spiral.


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