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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Morgrim and the Mission for Turquoise

It's fair to say, I like collecting stuff.  In this instance, the main driver is Spells.

Being Fire, I feel a little disappointed in the crafting spell for Fire.  There are currently 12 spells available and Fire only get one, and let's face it, Brimstone Revenant just isn't a great spell.  4 pips for 440 damage to a single opponent...hardly seems worth it?

However, there are some other spells that definitely interest me.  Death have clearly gotten the best out of the crafted spells available right now, with Deer Knight and Lord of Night being very useful spells.  For a Firey, it also provides some versatility of attack when fighting an Ice opponent with a high Fire resistance.

Crafting spells poses two challenges.  The first is Amber.  Any spell that is crafted needs this reagent.  Very hard to get and an essential part of this kind of advanced crafting.  Gardening and lucky pack drops seem to be the best approach here, but more on this later.

The other is Turquoise.  For any Azteca equivalent spell, this is also a key reagent, and because you need 25, it is normally no small feat.

There are three ways to get this reagent: dropped, purchased or in a lucky pack drop.

Pack Drops - These are hard.  Currently the Pharaoh's Hoard Pack is the only pack to drop this one and it is filled with Krok housing items.  Now, I like housing - a lot - but the Krok stuff just doesn't work in any of my houses to date, so this is an expensive and low probability option for me.

Dropped - Only really dropped at the end of tough fights.  Being Fire, there are not many tough fights really, but they all take time, and at the end of that time, you still have to be lucky to get the drop.  I have participated in many fights with Alia where she has gotten a drop and I have not.  A little frustrating sometimes...

Purchased - For me, this seems to be the best pay off for time versus outcome.  When I finish playing for the day, I return to the bazaar, refresh the Reagent list 20 times and then log off, so when I come back in, I can check again.

When I log back in, again, it is into the Reagents area and 20 more refreshes.  Typically what I find is that, after 20 refreshes, I have had a chance of turquoise a few times.  This is not always the case, it can be that none appear, but more often than not, it will show up.

Then the fun starts.  How quickly can I buy it?  Don't get me wrong, even at 4000 gold, this stuff does not last.  One half click or incorrect mouse move and it's gone.  The lag from Australia doesn't help either!  That said, I have still managed to pick up a fair bit of this precious reagent.

I have crafted the Deer Knight spell, and Lord of Night will be next.  I have the turquoise I need, so it is off to the garden again to see how my next harvest of Amber bearing plants are going.

So, if you see me in the bazaar, there is a fair chance you'll know what I'll be doing!

Farewell for now,



  1. Hey Morgrim,
    I managed to get 2 Turquoise this morning! I am often on the reagents page, refreshing constantly to buy Black Pearl and Black Lotus (to transmute to Pearls), so I can complete the Jade chairs I need for my myth house. But recently I have also been buying Turquoise, Agave Leaves and Agave Nectar. Just stocking up as I know I will need them in the future. Still never seen Amber at the Bazaar though :)

  2. Hi Tab, that is great news. Two is always a good haul, but you'll be needing a LOT more :)

    You know, I still spend time buying rare reagents, especially when my cash has hit the $350K limit.

    ...and there is one good reason you will never find Amber in the Bazaar - it is NO AUCTION. The only places are Packs, Gardening or with Arena Tickets (I think it is 10,000!!).

    Keep grabbing that Turquoise!


  3. Tabitha, there's a great place in Grizzleheim to farm Black Lotus, if you go to youtube and search how to get Black lotus you should find it, I made a video on it, my youtube channel name is Calling All Wizards, you could search my channel name and find it that way as well.