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Monday, 24 June 2013

An Added Bonus

Been having a big couple of days, and thanks to Alia the big reveals around the spiral have continued.

First up, I hit the Bazaar, and sold those cumbersome pet snacks - in fact I sold so many I suddenly had enough to buy a house! I have recently leveled up to 15, and just needed more gold. So thanks for the tip on selling at the Bazaar, Alia - I had thought about it, but did not think it would make much of a difference to how much gold I had. How wrong was I?

And here it is - my first house in the Spiral:

My pets are already playing outside, and I've started dressing the inside with what little I have - we'll just call it a work in progress at this stage! And it comes with it's very own world gate, that was an added bonus.

The Spiral is starting to open up now. Time to get some gardening skills and explore Krokotopia!!

Until next time,

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