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Monday, 17 June 2013

Blaze's Tips and Tricks No.1 - How To Make Money

Ever wanted that bigger castle? Ever wondered why all your friends could afford more than you? They may have been through a lot of street fights but mostly likely they know something you don't.

Haflang Bristlecrown is a boss located near the back of Vestrilund. To get to Vestrilund you must have completed Grizzleheim and Wintertusk's Hrundle Fjord and Austrilund. Vestrilund does cost 1995 crowns to unlock but is definately worth it. If you haven't unlocked Vestrilund you can ask to teleport to a higher level friend.

The reason that halfang is the boss to fight is that he has less than 2000 health and can drop 2+ items for 2000+ gold every time. He can also drop an amulet for 8000+ gold. As a Fire wizard you can usually finish the fights in 2 rounds with a critical colossal meteor strike with a Fireblade. A high level wizard like Morgrim can finish the fight in a single round.  As a Death wizard (if you are lucky or have crafted Deer Knight) you can finish fights in 3 rounds with a colossal critical Deer Knight with a Deathblade otherwise a four round Scarecrow works the same.

If you aren't getting all the money I said you would make sure you are selling the items at the bazaar in Olde Town.

I hope you have enjoyed my first issue of Blaze's Tips and Tricks I will try to get at least one issue out every week.

Until next time!


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