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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Band

You know, it is funny when you remember back.  Tabitha, being the newest Wiz to the Keep, reminds me of many of the thoughts I used to have.  Back then, when 28 mist wood was a lot, who would have thought that you would end up buying mist wood because to craft some of the higher level items, you might just need it!

Anyway, crafting is one of the things I really enjoy doing too, and as a Grandmaster Artisan, I have crafted a lot of things!  In one of my houses, I decided it needed a stage, so I bought and crafted every instrument I could.  At Alia's suggestion I added a drummer for his 6 different drums, and here is the result -

The one thing that is missing is the Antique Cello.  It has avoided my many, many attempts to get it as a drop.  If anyone has one they don't want or need, I'm happy to trade for it!

I was very happy with the band, forming part of the great hall, and then KI bring out the 'new instruments' - all of those wonderful new instruments that you can play and compose music with - and for gold, not just crowns! WOW!

I have purchased them all.  The trouble is - what to do with them?  This house is full, and they wouldn't quite work with the overall design anyway.

Perhaps I'll have to craft a new house, just for them? What do you think? Any ideas?

See you round the spiral!


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