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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Had to pop up to Mount Olympus and check out the dungeons at the weekend. I knew they would be pretty full on as they were being rented out on a 6-hour basis, but man! There are some tricky fights up there in the clouds! Had a couple attempts and didn't manage to get past the third battle. Clearly some changes to spells, decks, clothes are all in order to survive that much longer.

One of my wizard friends was on last night so we arranged another go at Zeus. Unfortunately I did not get in the battle, a Storm Wizard got into the dungeon, so my team went off without me. The new team consisted on a Life Wizard, two Fire Wizards and a Storm Wizard.

The Fire Wizards were level 37 and level 33.
The Life Wizard was level 24.
The Storm Wizard was level 57.

It was clear that the Storm Wizard owned the battle....... she packed a great deck. Two hits and the first battle was over. Same thing for the second battle. I watched in awe as she pushed the team through all the battles and come out winners. I think she could have pretty much done just as well without a team.

The spell she used more than all others was Tempest.

At this stage in the Spiral I am seeing more spells that hit all enemies and more of the ring spells, that increase the power of school. My favourite of these is definitely fire - just makes the battle seem more intense. 

This is also the first time I have seen the 'X' for pips, the ones that are affected by the number of pips you have and can be played at any time. It is becoming more and more obvious that I need to think very clearly about what spells to have and what gear to use when going into these higher level battles. Plenty to think on!

I will keep trying though. There are some awesome drops up there, so it is well worth the effort and good to try different ways of going about a battle and what affects that might have. 

See you in the Spiral...... and maybe on Mount Olympus!
Until next time,

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