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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gardening Update

Thanks for the tips Morgim. I am finally getting the hang of the uses, but it is so frustrating to run out of energy so much!

Over the last week I have been planting various items, seeing what rewards I get, learning lots. And then I went back to one of Morgrim's older posts (Red Barn Farm), and re-read it. I wanted to find out more about the likes. You see I had a pixie appear on my Tiger Lilly's one day, and I already knew that certain plants liked each other, while others did not. I had been saving Gold for a while, thinking about upgrading a house, my first house only allowed 50 items outside and I very quickly hit that limit because I had decorated the outside area. With very few empty spots left for plants it was time to get serious! So I bought it. Yep.... Red Barn Farm is my new home, and I guess I am a little hooked on the gardening but still annoyed at how quickly my energy levels disappear!
So here are some of the pics from the last week or so:

Gardening also showcases the sense Wizard101 Sense of humour..... The couch potatoes are hilarious, but I have not harvested yet..... hoping for Mega Snacks from these little guys. I did have a couple of Bread Fruit Trees, which were lucrative, giving me Golden Wheat Bread - a nice level 9 snack which was worth 40xp for my new pet.

It is clear that a little thought goes a long way when it comes to pets and gardening, and it's a bit of fun to see what the daily harvest will bring. Talking of which, time to go...... 

Until Next Time,

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