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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Hey Everyone,

Everyone loves free stuff, but even more importantly - free stuff that is useful!

So imagine my excitement at finding a free to enter House-a-Palooza competition running that would give me a new tapestry for my house. These are very special tapestries though...... they are "Teleport Tapestries"!

This is the text from the WarCry about the competition:

Our friends at Wizard101 are happy to announce that the month of August is devoted to creating the house of your wizarding dreams, so they're giving us thousands of codes to help get you started on your latest interior design project with Teleport Tapestries!
Teleport Tapestries are a decoration you can place in your Wizard101 Dorm or Castle. Besides their obvious decorative features, they are functional as well! You can use the Teleport Tapestry to be teleported to the location shown.

So I followed their information and received my new Tapestry......

And what a useful Tapestry it is - a teleport to the Bazaar. A random choice, but if I could have picked any of the teleports on offer, then this would be it. Thanks to WarCry and Wizard101 for my gift.

If I find other cool free stuff, I'll let you know :)

Oh and don't forget it is Shark Week this week - Wizard101 are giving away a free 7-day shark mount to all Wizards.

Until Next Time,

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