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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Inspired by Mogrim!

I have been questing and exploring in Wizard, pretty much ever since I started. There is a lot to learn and a lot to explore so I have not really done anything else. Reading Mogrim's posts though, I know there is a lot more Wizard101 than just questing, so I decided last night to try my hand at gardening. I have to admit that I have planted something in the past.... and well, let's just say it was very unsuccessful. Unless you call getting pests and ultimately dying successful of course! And the problem was that I had not collected the spells, or maybe that was when gold was a lot harder to come by and I couldn't part with the 500 or so coins needed to get the necessary spells!
Gardening all starts with Farley, who I first met in Wizard City some time ago with this little quest:

So last night I made another visit to Farley, collected my spells and then went home to do a spot of gardening. I cultivated 9 small plots and planted the following:

6 Pink Dandelions
1 Boom Shroom
2 Desparagus

So let's see how this goes..... Day 1 and all is well. We have had some growth, and none of the plants require any attention. I'll keep you updated, maybe keep your fingers crossed that I am rather more successful than last time :)

Thanks Mogrim, for the inspiration, this is fun and a welcome break from questing!

Until next time,

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