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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Energy ... it comes all too slowly and it goes all too fast

Energy is the thing that you never really notice until you start to look at Pets or Gardening seriously.  KI are kind in allowing each Wizard to have just that little bit more every time they level up...but the process is frustrating as there never seems to be quite enough to keep that garden going strongly, or to get your pet to that next level.

So, what can you do about it?

There are a few traps and tricks that I'll go through in this post, and when I have a little more time, I'll go into this a little further.

As a member, energy comes back a little quicker.  If you aren't a member, then you are stuck to a very slow renewal and that means every drop of energy counts.

A few Traps to watch out for:

Trap 1 - Don't think that making another Wizard and passing your pet to them will let you level it up more quickly. This little bit of lateral thinking first was raised in our team by Blaze, but the reality is very different.  Once that pet goes into your Shared Bank, you will lose ALL of your energy when you try to remove it.  Not only is there no energy to improve your pet, but that Wizard now also needs to have their energy renewed!

Trap 2 - Gardening as soon as you get a 'need' on your plant is a real Energy killer.  Your plants will keep growing for a while, even with needs. It is only if you leave them too long that you will get the "Progress to Dead" message.  Once you see this, you need to clear all needs to allow the plant to grow again.

Trap 3 - Don't clear pests until harvest time.  I have not found any seed that deteriorates with pests.  Using your before harvest time is just a waste, but you will need to clear that pest when it is time to harvest.

And a few Tricks to try:

Trick 1 - Every time you level up your character, you get your energy refilled, so make sure you use all of your energy just before you level up.  Once you level up, you energy is refilled - It's like getting a free Energy Elixir!

Trick 2 - Don't spend your Energy until you have all (or close to all) of the needs on your plants, and (normally) once every 24 hours is enough.

Trick 3 - Keep similar plants together.  Plants with the same needs can be all serviced at the same time.  Check the needs for your seeds at Wizard101Central and it will save you a lot of Energy.

This is one of my Fiery Boom Shrooms at the farm.  I don't actually harvest this guy, but more on that in another post.  (and yes, that is a dead plant, and it is dead for a reason!)

There are lots more, but for now, see how you go conserving your Energy.

See you round the Spiral,


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